Marysin was an area of fields and gardens located in the northeastern part of the ghetto. Its name became synonymous for privilege and well-being in the ghetto. Resort hotels for the officials of ghetto administration, summer houses of highest officials, private gardens were situated there, and they most probably angered average residents of the ghetto.
Initially, in the first years of the existence of the ghetto, there were orphanages, schools and holiday day-care centers for children in Marysin. Summer camps were organized there in 1940 and 1941, for a total of 13,789 children from the ghetto. A theater for children was founded, and there was a bulletin called “Jutrzenka”. Łódź Ghetto was the only one, where a special space for children was created, as a substitute for freedom and leisure, with green, better food and access to healthcare. In the years 1940-1942 Marysin was something of a thriving “City of Children”. But in September 1942, during the “Wielka Szpera” deportations, children from Marysin, together with thousands of other children from the ghetto, were transported to the death camp in Chełmno (Kulmhof). The buildings of “City of Children” were transformed into workshops.