Health care

Seven hospitals operated in the Łódź Ghetto between 1940 and 1942: Łagiewnicka Street 34-36, Drewnowskia Street 75, Wesoła Street 12 (contagious diseases), Bazarna Street 5, Łagiewnicka Street 37, Wesoła Street 17 (psychiatric) and Mickiewicza Street 7. In September 1942 all hospital patients were deported to the death camp in Chełmno (Kulmhof), and the hospitals were liquidated. The buildings were taken over by workshops and factories. At the end of 1942 the Germans allowed the administration of the ghetto to open two hospitals: at 7, Mickiewicza Street (internal medicine, gynecology, surgery) and at 74, Dworska Street (contagious diseases) in the former old people’s home. But remembering the mass deportations of the hospital patients in 1942, the residents of the ghetto were rather reluctant to go to hospitals. In that period there were also public bath houses and disinfection points in the ghetto.